Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

Problems With the Climate Control in the 1999 Buick

Founded in 1903, Buick is an entry-level luxury vehicle manufacturer. Despite its longevity, Buick is not exempt from mechanical problems. In particular, the 1999 Century and Regal models suffer from climate control problems.


    Buick technical service bulletins (TSBs) report that the Century and Regal models suffer from air conditioning (AC) problems. TSBs state that the AC unit underperforms in "hot, humid weather."


    An AC system in need of recharging often exhibits poor performance in hot weather conditions. Your AC loses its cooling efficiency if its refrigerant requires recharging. Aside from weak performance, a system that requires recharging may make unusual noises.


    Prior to making any repairs, the AC system must be free of contaminants and moisture. The repair consists of adding the necessary refrigerant after the AC system's pressure is gauged. Repair Pal estimates the repair costs for the Regal and Century between $155 to $215 (as of March 2011).

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