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My Chevy Beretta Won't Start

My Chevy Beretta Won't Start

Car problems often occur at the most inconvenient times. Many car problems can be avoided by regular maintenance, such as regular oil changes. Your car can last a long time, but regardless how well made it may be, any car can experience problems, such as failing to start when you need it.



    Make sure that the problem is not the battery by verifying that there is power in the vehicle. You can verify this by checking to see if your power locks work or by turning on the radio when you are trying to start the vehicle. If the car is making a clicking sound, this usually indicates that there may be an issue with a dead battery.


    Ensure that there is gas in the car. One of the reasons that your Beretta may not start is that there is no fuel. You can ensure that this does not happen by not waiting to get fuel until the car is totally empty. You can tell if there is no gas because the car will turn over but will not start.


    Consult your user's manual. The user's manual that the car came with will have additional troubleshooting steps that may be exclusive to your car. If you purchased the car used, the manual can usually be accessed online.

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