Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

My 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII Won't Crank

The Mark VIII is a luxury sedan manufactured by Ford Motor Company under the Lincoln brand name. The Mark VIII made its production debut in the 1993 model year as a successor to the Mark VII. The Mark VIII boasts an eight cylinder Intech 4.6L engine. Reasons that this engine may have trouble cranking are similar to that of most combustion engines and are typically related to problems with the battery or ignition system.



    Attempt to jump start the battery on the Mark VIII.


    If the jump is successful, idle the engine for several minutes in order to give the battery an opportunity to charge.


    Shut off the Mark VIII's engine and remove the jumper cables.


    Attempt to restart the Mark VIII. If it doesn't start at this point, either the battery will not hold a charge or the alternator is malfunctioning. Many auto parts stores will test both of these items for no charge and tell you which one needs to be replaced.


    Have the ignition switch, starter and all other ignition system components inspected by a qualified automotive professional if jump starting the Mark VIII doesn't work.

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