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How to Check the Blower Motor

How to Check the Blower Motor

Motor vehicles have blower motors which are fans that circulate air through your car for heating and cooling purposes. If you notice that your air circulation is weak, your blower motor may need to be repaired. Before taking it to a mechanic, however, you can perform several tests to ensure that, indeed, the blower motor is broken.



    Turn your ignition to the "run" position, but do not start the vehicle. If you start the engine, you may not be able to hear to hear the blower motor run.


    Turn on your car's heat and air conditioning. Place your hands over the car's vents. If you feel air blowing, your blower motor is likely functioning properly. However, if you do not feel any air, your blower motor may need to be replaced.


    Locate the blower motor, which most likely located under the passenger side dash. Remove the screws that hold the blower motor's sound insulation panel in place. If your motor is not located here, consult your vehicle's user manual to determine its location.


    Tap on the blower motor lightly using your clenched first, a mallet or similar tool. Non-functioning blower motors may merely be stuck and can be repaired by tapping on them.


    Test the motor blower with a 12-volt test light. Connect the test light's tip to a good ground, such as a screw connected to metal. Using the other end of the test light, which resembles a screw driver, touch a fuse terminal on the blower motor. If the device lights up, the fuse is in working condition. If not, the fuse needs to be replaced.

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