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A 1999 Mercury Cougar Won't Crank

A 1999 Mercury Cougar Won't Crank

The Cougar is a sedan that was manufactured from the 1967-2002 model years by the Ford Motor Company under the Mercury brand. The 1999 Cougar is equipped with either a four speed automatic or five speed manual transmission. Depending on the package, the Cougar can either have a 2.0 L Zetec I4 or a 2.5 L Duratec V6 engine. Both engines may have problems cranking due to battery/alternator failure or ignition system issues.



    Try to jump start the Cougar's battery using jumper cables and another vehicle with a battery of comparable voltage.


    Run the engine at an idle for several minutes if the jump is successful.


    Turn off the Cougar's engine and disconnect the jumper cables.


    Try starting the Cougar again. If it doesn't start at this point, the battery isn't holding a charge or the alternator isn't charging the battery. Auto parts retailers such as Auto Zone and Advance Auto Parts provide free testing services to determine which of these components is malfunctioning.


    Consult a qualified automotive professional if the Cougar doesn't jump start. All components of the ignition system, including the starter and ignition switch, will need to be thoroughly inspected.

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