Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

What Are the Causes of Manual Transmission Vibration?

Although manual transmissions can last well over 100,000 miles, the clutch usually wears out sooner, according to Vibration, chatter, or jerking in the transmission typically affects the clutch. Causes typically involve misaligned, worn, or damaged parts.

Diagnosis Can Be Difficult

    Vibration in a manual transmission can originate from a number of different problems, so diagnosing the cause can prove difficult, according to Automotive Parts Network. Problems external to or in the transmission itself can cause the vibration.

Internal Problems

    Chattering, pulsing, or grabbing occurs when the clutch is engaged, according to Engine Mechanics. The problems could include a burned clutch lining, damaged flywheel, worn bearings or retainers, damaged clutch disc, or loose clutch cover.

External Problems

    Problems external to the transmission include chassis or drivetrain misalignment, loose or broken engine or transmission mounts, worn or damaged universal or CV joints affecting the drive shaft, according to Automotive Parts Network.

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