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My 2005 Ford Taurus Is Having Problems Starting

People rely heavily on their car's performance and take comfort in knowing that when they leave for work in the morning the car will start. This, however, is not always the case and cars are notorious for failing to start when we least expect it. Regular servicing and maintenance can prevent this problem to a large degree, but wear and tear will eventually break some part of your car, preventing it from starting.



    Open the hood and use the arm lever to secure it. If your Taurus failed to start, the first component you should check is the battery. Check the battery terminals for heavy corrosion. Loosen the terminals with the small wrench and remove the negative terminal first. Wipe the terminal and clean the battery post and replace.


    Check if the battery has discharged. Attempting to start the car will result in a whining noise as the engine tries to turn over but the battery lacks power. If this is the case, recharge the battery or use jumper cables and another vehicle to jump start the car. If the battery has run down owing to a faulty alternator your battery will not hold a charge and both items will need replacing.


    Check your spark plugs. A faulty or cracked spark plug will fail to spark. Also, the gaps in the plugs can deteriorate due to rusting or coking (blackened surface). Pull the high tension lead from the plugs one at a time, as the leads must be kept in the correct order. Use the socket wrench to loosen the plug and remove it. Check the gap between the plug points and clean them with a wire brush. If the plug has become heavily corroded replace it as necessary.


    Check the starter. Symptoms of a faulty starter will be a clicking sound when you try to start the car. The engine will not turn over if the solenoid in the starter has failed. Faulty starters will have intermittent faults and you may find that sometimes there will appear to be no problem starting but other times the clicking noise will interrupt ignition attempts. Replace the starter when this occurs.


    Turn the key in the ignition and listen to the way engine responds. This can be a huge clue as to the possible problem. If your fuel injectors are blocked your engine will turn over and fire up but then, the lack of fuel in the injectors will cause the engine to stall straight away. You should see your mechanic if you do not know how to clear them.

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